About Us

Russ here, as the owner with over 20 years experience in welding and fabrication, I am a State Certified welder. I am versatile in multi-processes of welding to meet any application requirements with MIG, TIG, or stick.  

I welcome you to our business, Finetunedwelding.com, located in North Fairfield, OH. Our business foundation is built from our family values. We focus on weld appearance and shear strength to keep your project or our product looking sharp. We strive for the highest quality which excels in appearance and function.

Fine Tuned Welding brings excellence to Marine Metals by providing you top quality TIG Welding and experience in design to craft products (in one of their favorite past times) fishing and marine applications. 20 years welding and 30 years fishing experience allows designs that work in the real-life demanding application that fishing and marine environment demand. The best part is that portability is an option for you when custom design and at dock service is required. I can come to your business, shop, home, racetrack and approved at several marinas. This is where form, function and fun come together to support my Family with products we proudly call Our Own built to your needs so you can call them Your Own too.

Check out our line of fishing products and accessories: Rod Trees, Rod Holders, Rocket Launchers, Boat Sidetrack Rails, Boat Accessories and more.

Policy: You have 48 hours to cancel your order for a full refund or there will be a 20% fee charge for refunds after the 48 hours.